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Marketing Analysis using CRM

In today's hyper-competitive environment, marketers must significantly improve the impact of every CRM marketing dollar spent. Marketers can do this by utilizing their database to communicate the right offer to the right people, at the right times. CRM marketing is basically using marketing techniques in the most effective direction for a higher conversion.

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Customer Relationship Management (CRM) in your business can give you great gains in marketing effectiveness. CRM software holds important information about your customers and leads. As each customer makes contact with your organisation, your CRM software can keep a record of those details of the conversation, including their interests and the issues they are facing. Problems that need solving equals sales. You can use this information to effectively market to your customers, tell them how you can solve their problems and walk away with the sale.

The old and ineffective way of marketing would be to draft an email and send out the same email to all of your customers. All of your customers would sure know about your new knowledge base, but surely you can make more of this opportunity! If you're using CRM software, it would contain information about your customer history that you can use to personalise your message.

Multichannel campaigns, including email, social media, direct mail and search marketing can all be managed and measured through CRM marketing techniques.

At a basic level, CRM marketing means utilising the information a business has collected about its customers to target specific customer groups who are most likely to respond to a particular campaign or promotion.

Follow-up email programmes are one useful CRM marketing strategy that allows businesses to evaluate customers satisfaction and specific needs. This process can even be automated by using CRM software to draw on a database of customers who have recently purchased a certain product or service.

Telemarketers can also benefit from CRM marketing by identifying groups of customers who are most likely to respond to a cold-calling campaign. Other uses for CRM marketing include analysing customer information to identify missed opportunities, following up on recent purchases to offer complementary products and services and making the best use of a direct mail campaign.

Take steps to collect, analyze and measure the results of each campaign, as soon as the campaign has been completed. This will allow you to capture the information while it is still fresh, and instill discipline and accountability in your organization to regularly report results.

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