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Payment & Refund Policy


Maple CRM is owned and managed by Denisys Technologies LLP. This Agreement is a legally binding contract between you ("Customer") and Denisys Technologies LLP (which will be referred as "DENISYS" for the rest of agreement). DENISYS provides the Service(s) (as defined below) to you subject to and conditioned upon your acceptance of this Agreement.


Customers those who are placing order using credit cards other than their own credit cards are requested to send a copy (scanned or hard copy) of their card duly signed by the card owner to info@denisystech.com. This is required in order to protect the possible abuse of credit cards.

Maximum amount payable through credit card without transaction charges is restricted to INR 15,000 (15 thousands).

2.5% transaction charge shall be applicable on amount over and above INR 15,000. Example:

  • Bill amount = 65,000
  • Transaction charge on amount above 15,000 = (65,000 - 15,000) x 2.5% = 1250
  • Total amount to be paid = 65,000 + 1250 = Rs. 66,250.00


  • If the customer has requested for a discontinuation of the service within 5 days of setting up the service, 90% of the total cost shall be refunded to the customer and 10% will be retained as DENISYS administrative charges.
  • If cancellation happens after 5 days but within 30 days of service activation, 75% of the total cost will be refunded.
  • If cancellation happens after 30 days of activating the service, customer is eligible for 50% refund of any advance payment done applicable from the formal cancellation request date.
In case of cancellation, relevant records and fee payment receipts will be provided to the user to identify the stage of completion as mentioned above.


  • Refund is applicable only from the formal cancellation request date.
  • Refund shall be made within 30 days from the cancellation request date.
  • The amount shall be refunded through the same form as how DENISYS has received the payment.
  • The amount received in one form will not be refunded in a different form. (For e.g., the amount received through credit card payment will be refunded only by remittance to the same credit card.)
  • DENISYS reserves the right to reject any order without assigning any reason. In such cases, the amount received by DENISYS will be refunded subject to deduction of 10% of the amount received as administration charges.


If a material change is made to these policies, we will post this change on our website.


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