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Customer Support Management using CRM

92% of customers are retained in a business only because of GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE.

Customer service executives need to be empowered with all the sources to have a 100% customer-centric approach. All the customer information, history, data and purchase patterns need to be quickly accesses at any given instant. Only then, the customer- centric approach takes a good form.

A business that is unable to follow up on potential customers runs into trouble down the line. The use of CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software might be the key to ensure that these factors are well handled. CRM creates a single source of customer information which reduces response time by providing quick access to all the information anytime. Data accessibility is sped-up with a CRM.

Customer service is all about the customers perception. You have to do more than just get the job done. You must deliver on all the things (big and small) that affect the relationship with your clients.

Businesses need to know customer preferences, their behavior, their purchase history as well as their demographic and psychographic information. CRM solutions can make this information available at every company executive's desk. Practically, every company representative can find out anything that he wants to know about a customer in 'real time'. For instance, all outstanding issues with the customer such as unpaid balances, outstanding complaints and orders being shipped are available at the click of the mouse at every executive's desk.

No wonder, CRM is expected to unlock the doors of the soon-to-be in focus element: customer satisfaction. By connecting the back office and the front office, CRM has the ability to make the organization function like one entity and not like many departments.

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