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Maple CRM Features


Automated Lead Assignment

Avoid manual data entry and connect Maple CRM with your website, landing pages and any other lead generation platforms via integrations. Configure automatic lead assignment to your team based on segment, subject matter expertise or in round-robin fashion.

  • Leads from website
  • Leads from landing pages and integrations
  • Automated lead assignment based on rules
  • Auto-acknowledgement to customer via email/SMS
  • Lead assignment notifications to sales staff

Workflow Automation

By automating workflows your team can focus on the work, rather than the processes that supports them. Maple CRM allows you to define workflow, the stages, and the conditions to be met before moving from one stage to other. This allows you and your managers to focus on their job than ensuring the accuracy of your team members.

  • Define the stages of work
  • Define user to capability mapping
  • Pre-configured checks to ensure data accuracy
  • Automated customer communications at every stage of work

Team Management

Maple CRM ensures role-based access control with privileges that defines a set of actions that can be performed within the CRM system.
User profiles supported Maple CRM ensure that users have permission to only the relevant features in CRM - various features, functions. There is also Multigroup access that allow you to extend the data/team-level access to multiple user groups/branches of your organization.

  • User profiles to define the privileges
  • User groups to define the hierarchy
  • User type to define the access and visibility

iOS/Android Mobile Apps

Never let a contact or communication missed. Get a real-time insights into your followups, customer engagement, and customer actions. Dashboards allow you to visualize trends in sales, and contact the customers on the move.

  • Intitutive dashboard to easily drill down to data.
  • Add new leads, updates and reminders.
  • Call leads directly from the mobile app.
  • Secure cloud connectivity to core application.

Automate Repetitive Tasks

Leave the time and resource consuming repetitive tasks to Maple CRM. Starting from reminding your staff on thier tasks, Maple can help you in sending automated notifications to your customers on payments, renewals, and any other stuff you want to be in touch with your customers. The preconfigured email templates gives you the personal touch to the communication and improves your relationship with your own customers..

  • Define macro supported email,SMS templates
  • Automate reminders for birthdays, anniversaries
  • Automate reminders for payment, renewals and service activations
  • Flexibility to 'configure once and forget for ever'

Task Management

If you are an institution similar to a Chartered Accountant firm or Immigration Consultants, you might need to take the work through stages and each stage need ensure certain checkpoints to be verified. With its foolproof Task Management, Maple CRM can help your team to define the activities, the turn around time(TAT) for each of the activities and the subject matter expects associated to the activities. Maple CRM ensures to circulate the work as per the definition and takes to the completion of the work without delays.

  • Define Task & Task to Activity Mapping
  • Define Turn Around Time (TAT) for tasks
  • Define Subject Matter Experts against tasks
  • Alerts & notifiations on delayed tasks
  • Customer cummunication on completion of selected tasks

Quotation Builder - PDF

A Sales Quote creates a binding between you and your would-be customer in terms of sharing the pricing, the charges and the terms. Generating and sharing a quote with your customer is a matter of few clicks in Maple CRM. Quotation templates allows you to define various flavours of quotes; with and without tax/discounts etc.

  • Define Quotation profiles with your logos
  • Generate and share quotes in PDF format
  • Access control on quote generation & approval
  • Templates with Tax & Discount options

Invoice Builder - PDF

With its feature to generate proforma and sales invoices, you are almost at the top of your lead to conversion management using Maple CRM. You can convert your quote to proforma and then to sales invoice in Maple CRM. The approval process allows you to ensure the approval from accounts team and share with the customer. The automation solution along with pay-by-date allows you to send automated payment reminders to your customers using predefined email templates.

  • Define profiles tax types & payment terms
  • Convert Quotations to Invoice
  • Access control on invoice generation & approval
  • Generate and share invoices in PDF format
  • Automated payment reminder mails/SMS to customer