Customer Service Software

Many companies are willing to invest huge money in customer service. Do you know why?
It’s because they know that good customer relationships can generate a nice return. Improving customer service and managing better relationships with them is definitely one of the best ways to grow your business. Also, it is a known fact that it is much more efficient to keep existing customers than focus resources on searching for new ones.

Providing good customer service is a tedious process. You need to build resources and have a strategic plan in place to make the service function in an efficient way, meet the customer expectations, etc. However, there is a payback. Good customer service can reduce marketing and operational costs.

Great service makes your customers feel that you care about developing a long-term relationship more than just making a sale. Focusing on delivering customer service will benefit your business in a number or ways.

Maple CRM which is a cloud based CRM solution lets you streamline the customer support process, increase efficiency and reduce resolution time of customer queries.

The solution provides updated data at real time letting your customer service agents to quickly respond to the customer queries. So the support calls can be accurately and efficiently processed, thereby improving the customer service process and increasing the customer satisfaction. Also, providing excellent customer service can set you apart from your competitors.  A good customer service using Maple CRM system can bring higher efficiencies.

With real time updates to customer service metrics through charts and reports, managers can analyze the the data to identify the areas of improvement. The solution is designed to help your team deliver service from anywhere at anytime. It lets your team be more productive, resolve more cases and satisfy your customers.

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Why to use CRM?

CRM is widely used to collect and manage large amounts of customer data and then carry out strategies based on that information. The CRM data helps to route and solve specific problems in the customer relationship cycle. It provides insights into customer needs and behaviors.

Businesses use CRM solution to:

  • Co-ordinate information quickly between the staff to increase effectiveness by providing real time data update
  • Generate and analyze sales forecast
  • Feed data regarding customer preferences and interest to improve sales strategies
  • Improve customer relationships
  • Increase efficiency and productivity
  • Increase sales by systematically identifying and managing sales leads
  • To streamline work process
Many businesses still use spreadsheets for managing many of the work process. This isn’t a good idea as the data is vulnerable to modifications, deletion or mistakes. And the truth is you will never be able to identify whats happening with your data. Only with accurate information you can build a better working process and improve your business.

What you need is a real time tracking system that can not only help you to manage your business data but also help in improving your business to run efficiently and bring more success.

Make CRM software more productive

The purpose of any CRM is to help you to manage and improve your business process. The more effectively you use the CRM system to manage your customer details, the more quickly you can achieve your business strategic goals.

Here are few points that you can use to get more out of your CRM software.

Get people to use your CRM

The most important step of your CRM life cycle is to get your people use it. If you want to get more out of your CRM software system then get the users to maximize its use. Many users may resist the change, may perform actions outside the CRM system, etc,. but you need to set up a challenging process of shifting everything to the system so that you can ultimately get 100% CRM adoption going forward.

Users may take time to adopt it completely. Some users may quickly adapt to the system but some may take time to understand and use it. Give sufficient time and training to make them use it effectively.

The sooner you get all your users on the system and entering data, the more effective the system will be and the more productive your CRM project will become.

Train your Users

Just bringing a CRM solution to your process doesn’t really help. Make sure you include enough time and budget for effective training.

Users should not only understand how to use the software, they should understand the benefits of the new system and how their part of the operation fits with the rest of the company.

Training builds familiarity with the system and confidence for the users. That not only makes users more productive in the first instance, it also encourages them to use it the way they find it comfortable and useful.

Extract Information

Using CRM effectively is the key to getting the most productivity out of your CRM solution. A CRM system enables users to evaluate buying cycles, identify prospects capable of buying within a period of time and view your executives activities which indicates how actively your executives are working on, etc. CRM can help you to forecast growth, analyze and make business decisions based on these data.

CRM software helps companies organize, access and manage easily all the existing and prospective customer information. Enforcing discipline, training and motivating the staff to use the software are very important factors.

A CRM system can become one of the most important tools you’ll need to scale your business.


Effective Communication as the CRM strategy

Businesses spend hugely on acquiring new customers. They invest more to market their product and services so that customers can know their presence and contact them. But strangely, when it comes to managing relationships with these customers there remains no strong process to follow.

Given the fact that businesses can spend a lot to obtain a customer, then is it not worth spending little to retain the existing ones?

The success of any business is connected with the customers and the basis of it is the communication. Businesses can enable better communication with the customers to improve the success level of the business.

Enabling successful communication using a CRM solution can boost not only customer service management but also the business sales.

CRM for effective communication

SMS solution using CRM

SMS is the easiest and most convenient way to reach to customers. Many CRM solutions provide the SMS solution that can act as a two way processing. Manual or automatic SMS can be sent to customer intimating them about the payment renewal, or stock availability, etc. Customers can also simply send SMS to show interest in any particular product or request for status enquiry.

Emailing through CRM

CRM solution provides much more capabilities than just a simple mailing system. Businesses can make use of Email Templates which is a huge time saver plus it can also support macros to make your emails look professional without spending much of your time. Automatic Emailers can be configured thus letting your CRM do most of your work.

There are many more such CRM advanced tools that can ease your customer communication process.

Such additional tools in CRM can maximize the effectiveness of customer interactions and improve your business life cycle. CRM is not just about managing customers but it is also about bringing value to the business.


Smart way of Customer Management

If you are thinking that managing business and customers is a difficult process, then you haven’t used a CRM solution yet. Get to know Maple CRM and see how it can simplify your business process. It can make your business life so much easier. That’s not only to it. With Maple CRM, you can go mobile to stay connected to your customers quickly, track the status, etc. while on the go.

Simplifying your work process

Automating the work process

One of the biggest daunting task that you face everyday is to find ease to do things. But here in Maple, we have worked our way out to make it easy for you do different tasks from the same window. For example, updating customer details & history, sending email, updating status, re-assigning it other user, adding reminders, etc. can all be tedious if you have to switch windows to perform these. Maple not only makes it simple but also captures these updates automatically for your record.

Easier Customer Interactions

Email and SMS interactionMaple enables easy interaction with customers through email and sms. Create intuitive HTML email templates and use them to send instant mailers to your leads and customers. Same goes with SMS. Just have it ready before in hand and send it when needed.

Secure Document Storage

We know that there are many bills, valuable files, quotations, brochures that you may have designed and sent it to your customers and you would want to store all of them for future reference. What better way to attach it along with your customer details in your CRM system. Way too easy for you to locate it when you need it.

There are much more to add to the list. Plus more new features are coming up soon. Stay tuned in and do like our Facebook page.

CRM that connects you with your customers

Data, data & data! Lots of client related data. All the data are scattered between your employees and sales team. All are managing and tracking client details in excel sheets, notebooks, etc. And finally you are unable to get the right information when needed? Is that how you had planned your business to work?

We don’t think so! Getting new customers and growing profits is one part and managing your business process efficiently and analyse how your business is performing and increasing profits much more is the second part which is highly important in the present competitive market.

Your unstructured data may not be helpful if right details are not available at the right time.

Your client data is an important asset of your company and you need to make sure that the right details are captured, categorized and stored. The customer data need to be made available as needed to your business departments and must be up-to-date.

A shift to a cloud based CRM solution can be the perfect choice to manage your business efficiently. You can define your requirements and chalk out your need for a CRM.

You would need CRM to –

  • Increase Sales?
  • Categorizing and managing your client details?
  • Build better connection with your Customers?
  • Improve your Marketing campaigns?
  • Integrat your website, emails and have all the details captured at one centralized location?

Once you design your ideas and the needs for a CRM software, you would be able get a better view of why you would need a CRM solution.

CRM is not just a tool to manage your process. It helps you to save time and money and leave you free to grow your business in other ways.

Are you considering to use a CRM? Do you want to try and find out what solution best suits for you? Check Maple CRM If you want to find out more details, please get in touch with our team and we will be able to help you with a better solution for your business needs.


CRM to boost you Sales Productivity

Online CRM solutions are becoming prevalent in many business organizations, particularly for sales team and customer service. CRM which is a strategic model implemented to manage interactions with customers, enquiries & sales prospects.

CRM solution can help your sales team to organize and automate your business process to find and win more new enquiries. There are several other benefits when CRM application in implemented within your sales process of business.

Increase Sales productivity

CRM software can help in boosting up the sales team productivity and streamline the process of sending quotations, order processing and other sales activities. Many CRM software offers automated Sales Force solution. CRM can give a competitive advantage by reducing the production costs & increase sales revenue.

Stronger Customer Interactions

Building strong relationships with customers is one of the primary goals. The productivity of the team can be increased by spending more time by engaging with customers. The sales team will be able to spend more productive time by potential customers due to efficieny of CRM technology. More time with customers will definitely lead to more deals.

Easy access to customer details

The ability to quickly access the information of potential leads will help your sales team to act on the leads much faster. With a connected application, all your sales team will be able to access the required information at anytime at one source.

Bring efficiency

With CRM solution, your organization stays organized. The solution can prioritize your tasks and responsibilities. CRM gives you full visibility so you and your entire team know which are priority enquiries and when the follow up has to be done. Being more organized means your team is no longer wasting time on a disorganized search through leads that are at different stages in the sales cycle. With CRM, it is easy for your team to be on the right path in identifying and spending time on the enquiries that are worth.

Analyze your Sales and growth

To understand where your business stands, it is important for you to get accurate forecasts of your business proceedings. This can help you to have a good view of the business growth, the market conditions and predict sales. Reports & Charts can give you real time information that are accurate and up-to-date.

CRM may not be a mandatory for your business, but definitely you can see great benefits when implemented.

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Understanding CRM Software for Customer Management

CRM is an important strategy that extends across all levels and processes of a business organization. The best CRM is the one which can bring together all the data from all corners as well as from outside to give a better view of the business and its customer interaction.

We all know that CRM is designed to improve the business operations and growth. CRM software can streamline the process, manage all customer data and can also increase the performance and efficiency of your business.

As beneficial as CRM can be, it has even more capabilities when they integrated into wider business processes.

Not only for Sales, Marketing or Customer Support, CRM solutions can be applied to Customer Life Management which can help in improving customer relationships and thus can improve customer loyalty.

Customer Life management is the entire relationship period that your customer is engaged with your business. Longer customer relationships should be the goal to make Customer Management a success. Firstly, engaging the customers to know about your business & different services. Once they become your customer, the next step is to retain their loyalty. This may help in bringing in more business through referrals or recommendations.

CRM Solutions can be integrated to several other solutions that would help you to have everything you need in a single location with all your departments connected to it. This can then allow businesses to provide a more seamless service to customers with an efficient tool.

Improve Email Marketing and Campaigns

Many businesses find marketing hard to manage, expensive to deal with and difficult to track.

Maple provides you an automated Marketing solution. You can now create marketing campaigns, manage all your leads, classify them and analyse the results of your campaigns.

Email marketing Campaigns

Key Features:
Improve the quality of your lead generation
Plan & execute email campaigns
Track & measure the marketing performance
Identify & classify your contacts, leads & opportunities
Create dynamic HTML email templates

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CRM Automation for your Business

CRM can change your business. When properly used, CRM can speed up, reduce your time, money and effort.

Maple CRM gives you an edge of CRM automation in every part of the customer relations from sales to service management. Maple CRM can make your business workflow process more powerful.

The key to good management of your business is knowing every part of your sales effort, marketing campaigns. CRM Automation software keeps track all these for you. Maple CRM ensures that no aspect of your business is left unattended.

Maple also integrates your business rules into all work processes.

The above snap shot describes how rule configuration can be set in your Maple CRM so that payment/renewal reminders can be sent to customers automatically!

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